Used boats

Our used boats were selected in the market as the best buying opportunity.

We could offer sailing boats, displacement boats and planning boats.

Used boats

  • Benetti 46m 1991

    Benetti 46m

    Prestigious 46m Benetti, maintained in excellent condition, for more information and pictures,please contact us.

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  • Baglietto Maiorca 24-Unica

    Baglietto Maiorca 24-1966

    “Unica” is a rare example of classic Baglietto “Maiorca 24″, last of the three built between 1962 to 1966, it was always been maintained in perfect condition.
    During 2004/5 has received a major refit, where all her items were overhauled and reassembled, the keel mahogany plywood reinforced and the hull epoxy coated.
    Another refit has been done by an expert and renowned shipyard in 2011 and everything has been checked.

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  • Benetti 35m-INDIA

    BENETTI 35m Displacement

    Classic steel Benetti displacement, perfectely maintained, huge volume to share with guests.

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  • Riva CaravelleDe Vries


    Authentic piece of history of the Sixty age, one of the seven Motor Yacht in collaboration of Carlo Riva and the Dutch De Vries Yard built with.
    Perfectely restored and upgraded for actual navigation.

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  • Benetti -My Jesty


    Timeless Benetti 25s, maintained in excellent condition.
    She has received major refit between 2010-2013.

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  • Copia di Mangusta 80'-PELEU K


    Boat very well maintained, she has received a major refit in 2011.
    Equipped by Mtu 16V2000M92 common rail is able to reach a maximum speed up to 46knots and a cruise speed as 38knots.

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  • Aicon 64'-2006-1

    AICON 64′-2006

    Excellent condition, built in 2006 but registered in 2009.

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  • Technema 80-2005

    TECHNEMA 80′-2005

    Few used boat, excellent condition, seller very motivated.

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  • Codecasa  34m Princess Elena

    CODECASA 34m Displacement

    Displacement of the renowned Italian yard, excellent maintained, ready to sail.

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  • Sanlorenzo 100'-2000

    Sanlorenzo SL100-2000

    Exclusive Sanlorenzo SL 100, totally refit in 2010 with new paint of hull and superstructure,stunning interiors, the owner is available to a trade in with a yacht under 24meters.
    For more info and photos, please contact us.

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  • Sunseeker 82-2007

    Sunseeker Predator 82′- 2007

    As new conditions, few engine houirs, leasing underway, trade in possible.

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  • Azimut 116'-2008

    Azimut 116-2008

    Excellent opportunity, very well maintained, interesting price.

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  • 1667329_1

    Moonen 84-2005

    Classic vessel with the quality of Dutch shipyard, very well maintained, trade in available.

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  • GianettiNavetta33m

    Gianetti Navetta 32m-2010

    Top level of the renowed Viareggio based, the boat is as a brand new.

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  • 2188688_1

    Azimut 98′evo-2007

    .One of the best opportunity on the market, trade in possible, interesting price

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  • 2079186_1

    Benetti 115′-2006

    Vessel of the Classic line, very well maintained, great opportunity to buy and with trade in possible.

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  • 1943851_1

    Benetti Tug 34m.-1962

    Prestigious Tug boat, totally refit in pleasure yacht. Interesting price, lease under way.

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  • Sanlorenzo 108-2006

    Sanlorenzo 108′-2006

    Interesting Vessel of the renowned Italian shipyard, very well maintained. (Sister ship image)

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  • Tullio Abbate 41Offshore

    Tullio Abbate 41′Offshore-1994

    Unique boat, for fans only,kevlar-carbon hull by CUV Viareggio Italy.
    totally overhuled in 2010(Hull,upholstery,engines etc.) no work to do.

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  • Magnum 56-1999

    Magnum 56′-1999

    Original well maintained,maximum level of engines, anything to do.

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  • Benetti 39m-1977

    Benetti 39m. canoe stern-1977

    Stunning Benetti 39meters with timeless line, very well maintained by always crew on board.

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  • ISA 470-2005 Lady Dalhia

    ISA 470-2005

    Excellent conditions for this unique line 470 Isa, she has just recieved the five years check of the classification register

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  • Mondo 41m-2009_1

    Mondomarine 41m.-2012

    Semidisplacement yacht brand new,available with delivery 2011, trade in possible.(Sister ship image)

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  • Leopard 46m.-2008

    Leopard 46m-2008

    Flag ship of the renowned Italian yard, pratically new, the owner sell to gos up to the new 56 m.

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  • 1720271_1_thumb

    Benetti Golden Series 50m.-1996

    Superyacht elegant and finely finished, interesting price

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  • Foto Atlantica 78-2008

    Baia Atlantica 78′ Cruiser 2008

    Beautiful boat, which she join fast and confortable navigation, few engine hours.

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  • Number one

    Leopard 23ht -2006

    Entry level of the renowned tuscans yard, always covered in winter time, few engine hours.

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  • Mangusta1

    Mangusta 80′-1996

    Boat in order, complete refit 2008, very interesting price, leasing possible for the full amount.

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  • Mangusta-80Ht-2007

    Mangusta 80Ht-2007

    (Italiano) Imbarcazione in ottime condizioni e con pochissime ore di navigazione,leasing in corso,possibile permuta.

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  • 1513292_1

    Overmarine Mangusta 72Ht-2004

    Entry level of the famous Mangusta, really in excellent condition, lease underway, trade in available.

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  • Canadian Tug Boat-1942

    Canadian Tug Boat-1942

    Valuable vintage tug, fully restored for pleasure yacht in 2003.

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  • ITAMA 56-1996

    Itama 56-1996

    Boat eternally fascinating, totally refitted in 2009, good condition.

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  • Est.1

    Sarnico 60Ht-2007

    Boat of great charm, very well maintained, part exchange available, lease possible for the full amount.

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  • Baia Azzurra 63'-2006

    Baia 63-2006

    Boat with great emotions, comfort and speed, possibility of leasing for the full amount.

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  • Bertram 630-2007

    Bertram 630-2007

    Used only for display at boat show, pratically like new.

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  • Apreamare 54'-2004

    Apreamare 54′ Cabin 2004

    Time less line boat with comfort and speed thanks to the generous engine.

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  • Fairline 52 Targa-Sister ship

    Fairline 52′-2004

    Pure open by large marine quality, one owner, very well kept.

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  • Sunseeker 47-2008

    Sunseeker 47 Portofino 2008

    Boat like new, very few engine hours, leasing underway.

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  • Azimut 62 evo-2005

    Azimut 62′-2005

    Convenient and fast boat, excellent condition.

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